Hose Clamps and Rings

DONGBO helps customize clamps and rings with different materials, widths and thickness. Each of our hose clamps and rings is used across different industries such as plumbing, HVAC system, agriculture, and other businesses.

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DONGBO has an extensive range of hose clamps and rings with varying locking systems. You can browse through all of our products available with our digital catalog. Each of our products listed in the catalog contains useful information on each of the hose clamps and rings.

Our insightful digital catalog can show you how DONGBO can make a difference in your business without any charge. Download our brochure today!

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Quality Clamps and Rings with Supreme Craftsmanship

All of our durable clamps can connect different hoses and another tubing to various fittings. We offer a wide range of rings that can meet different client requirements. Our OEM and ODM service is a tailor-made solution to help you accomplish specific needs.

Corrosion-Resistance Construction

We only use quality stainless steel from screened suppliers to make our products, making them highly resistant to corrosion. Our selective raw material selection ensures all of our hose clamps bulk orders can withstand constant exposure to moisture, making them a long-term solution with high ROI potential among factories, warehouses, homes, and much more. Over a dozen quality control testings​ are implemented through the whole process to ensure robust construction of the products.

Wide Applications

The design of our hose clamps and rings makes them versatile for any plumbing system and much more. With simple construction, our clamps can be used for any systems that transport liquid, gases, and other mediums such as automotive engines, food production plants, and much more. The versatility of our clamps let you meet market demands across different industries.