Aluminum Sleeves

Our aluminum sleeves perform highly in tough environments through its lighter weight, cooler operation and longer life. Ridges inside wipe away dust and debris for quick installation.

Features and Benefits

Lightweight and reliable for heavy loads, our aluminum bearings distribute friction from rotating shafts. Comes in different sizes and thickness.

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    Certified Aluminum

    Aluminum5052H32 are trusted for their strength and reduce manufacturing costs.

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    Our aluminum sleeves possess enhanced surface pressure to withstand various conditions.

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    High Wear-resistance

    Performing well under any condition, our sleeves reduce maintenance costs through its wear resistance.

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    Professional Manufacturing

    Reliable machinery produces large volumes of high-end bearings capable of managing heavy loads under stressful conditions.

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    Precision Machining

    Our bearings are made through precision machining to help rotate parts and engines easily.

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    Widely Used

    Fitting various diameters, our sleeves are installed easily and can be applied to various industries.