Crimp Rings

Our line of customizable crimp rings undergoes a careful annealing process to guarantee optimal performance on hot and cold water applications. Designed to last, the crimp rings are manufactured with the best 304 stainless steel with a 360° stepless design.

Features and Benefits

Mastered through years of experience in the industry, our crimp rings uphold our benchmark for innovation and excellence.

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    360° Stepless Design

    The innovative design allows for direct crimping to the surface, ensuring a tight and secure fit with constantly applied pressure.

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    304 Stainless Steel

    Quality 304 stainless steel proves highly-resistant to weathering and temperature change effects like rust or corrosion.

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    Flexible Diameter Reduction

    The diameter of the crimp ring is fully adjustable, up to 21.9mm, to fit specific needs.

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    Space Efficiency

    Its low assembly height requires minimal space on setup and no cumbersome rotating parts.

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    Specially Formed Edges

    Protect hoses and other parts from clamp damage with specially formed strip edges on each clamp ring.

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    Universal Applications

    Not only limited to the plumbing industry, but our crimp ring is also applicable to hot or cold water applications.