Since 2003

A Professional Manufacturer

Over 30 years of developing joint sealing production, DONGBO grows to become an established manufacturer of connecting solutions for a wide range of international markets.

Today, we oversee the manufacturing of 120 million custom-fit clamps and sleeves annually that have been put into use in over 100 countries.

A Complete Line of Products

DONGBO manufactures high strength clamps, rings and sleeve bushings made from quality-tested raw materials and are customized to support many industry applications.

Hose Clamps and Rings

Hose Clamps and Rings

Made with burr-free edges, our clamps and rings prevent damage to clamped parts while made easy to use for any application.


PEX Tools

Good quality handles and pneumatic tools for stainless steel clamps, PEX clamps, and stainless Steel Sleeves. You can choose the suitable tool according to your clamp and sleeve type. If you are not sure, please get in touch with us.

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Press Sleeve

Withstanding heavy loads and extreme temperature, our sleeve bushings are manufactured with certified materials for the optimal performance.

Pex Solutions

PEX Solutions

Made with strong and flexible material, our PEX items are your best choice for your installation and maintenance of PEX systems.

Why Work With Us

Professionally crafted from high-end materials to fit your industry, our clamps and bushings secure components and carry heavy loads, removing imbalance among parts.

  • 17-Years Experience

    Since 2003, DONGBO has created a complete system to handle production, sales and after-sales services for clients in North America, Africa, Europe and South America.

  • Customization

    Taking up to 10 days, our customization service adapts materials, shape, width, thickness and packaging to your industry needs.

  • Production Capability

    Over 20 fully automatic molding machines maximize the production of large volumes of clamps, rings and bushings to meet your deadlines.

  • Customer Service

    Our sales team understands industry needs and provides one-on-one customer service 24/7 to address any of your concerns.

  • Project Management

    We offer you one-on-one project management and catalog files for every client to build long-term relationships and continued collaboration.

  • Multiple Markets

    From agriculture and irrigation to plumbing, our clamps and bushings are tailor-fit for your specifications in terms of materials, sizes and shapes.


Quality We Stand By

With 17 years of experience, our quality assurance team inspects semi-finished products in every step. Any defective products will be replaced immediately.

  • Salt Spray Test
  • Hydraulic Test
  • Pulling Force Test
  • Sealing Test
  • s05 img00
  • Salt Spray Test
  • Hydraulic Test
  • Pulling Force Test

Successful Projects

Successful projects demonstrate that we offer industry-specific solutions. Some of out successful projects are: GM Omega Project, GM A10 Project, GM E2UL Project, and FAW-Volkswagen Audi C8.

  • gm omega project
    GM Omega Project
  • gm a10 project
    GM A10 Project
  • gm e2ul project
    GM E2UL Project
  • s08 pic1
    FAW-Volkswagen Audi C8
  • gm omega project
    GM Omega Project
  • gm a10 project
    GM A10 Project
  • gm e2ul project
    GM E2UL Project
  • s08 pic1
    FAW-Volkswagen Audi C8

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • The ear clamps are awesome. We have been using them for over five years. They are great along with the crimpers. They work perfectly for splicing the garden hose. Thanks for your supporting.


    Irshad B.

    Procurement Manager
  • Just to let you know I was so impressed with Dongbo team. They finds me the most valuable solution of fastening. Turned out so well and they were very neat. I am happy to recommend your firm.

    s07 pic02

    Ajay S.

    Operation Manager
  • They were responsive from my first call, and kept up good communications throughout, and completed the job quickly and efficiently. Everyone of Dongbo were helpful. Appreciated the great service!

    s07 pic03

    Kevin C.

    Purchase Director
  • We appreciated you working with us to provide the most efficient solution for our HVAC system. You went beyond satisfactory work to excellence. Thank you so much !

    s07 pic04

    Adam P.



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    Feb 24th, 2020

    Response to COVID-19

    All Dongbo people are equipped to work with you to weather this storm.

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    Nov 19th, 2019

    Move into New Building

    We are successfully moving into new building which is close to highway and train station.

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    Aug 29th, 2018

    Automechanika Frankfurt 2018

    Our team attend the AHR Expo which is held in Chicago U.S.