We understand that our brand is only as good as the quality of our products. Dedicated to becoming a trustworthy brand, we focus on creating excellent products.


Quality Commitment

Standing by our philosophy of "Quality in Management", we are fully committed to delivering the best quality in every product we ship out.

Through years of experience in manufacturing, careful material selection, established production process, and strict product inspection, we maintain the highest standards that result in high-quality products.



In our effort to provide our clients with the finest hose clamps in the market, we secure domestic and international certifications that prove our production standards.

  • ISO 9001

    ISO 9001

  • ISO 14001

    ISO 14001

  • IATF 16949 new 1

    IATF 16949

  • NSF


  • UL


  • cUPC


Quality Control In Every Step

By applying stringent quality control methods in every step of our manufacturing process, we not only maintain but improve the quality of our products.

  • Step1

    Automatic Forming

    Carefully selected raw materials are processed and molded into desired products utilizing precision molding equipment.

  • Automatic Cleaning

    Processed items are cleaned of any residue before subjected to powerful automated drying machines.

  • Step3

    Automatic Testing

    Completed products undergo a series of reviews and tests to ensure they function as required.

  • Finished Products Inspection

    Product packaging is inspected fully for any defects before sent out of the warehouse.



Several tests are conducted on the products as a way of maintaining the peak performance of our hose clamps.

  • Finished Product Inspection

    Finished Product Inspection

    Vernier calipers, micrometers, and physical inspection are used to check that the finish and dimensions meet expected standards.

  • Salt Spray Test

    Salt Spray Test

    High-powered salt spray test machine verifies the corrosion resistance of raw materials before and after production.

  • Clamping Force Test

    Clamping Force Test

    Calibrated clamping force equipment audits clamping force of the finished product and measured on set requirements.

  • Tensile Test

    Tensile Test

    Using the latest tensile testing machines, the finished product’s fall off capacity is tested and verified.

  • Pulling Force Test

    Pull-out Test

    Finished product goes through a microcomputer-controlled universal testing machine to detect tension strength.

  • Hydraulic Test

    Hydraulic Test

    To check water pressure tolerance and leak detection, hydraulic tests are completed utilizing modern testing machines.

  • p05 s05 pic07 1

    Spectrum Analysis

    To analyze what and how many of the chemical elements for the incoming materials in order to know the chemical performance.

  • Holding Force Test

    Holding Force Test

    To detect the clamping force of the finished clamp in eight directions.

  • High and Low Temperature Test

    High-low Temperature Test

    To test whether there is no leakage after the hose is clamped by the clamp in high and low temperature environment.