Stainless Steel Sleeves

Reducing wear and machinery noise, our stainless steel sleeves possess high load capacity while performing well in extreme environments. We use 304, 316, or any other type of stainless steel you require.

Features and Benefits

See how our stainless steel sleeves resist corrosion to carry heavy loads in any setting. Custom options for width and thickness are available.

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    Quality Material

    Using high strength stainless steel from trusted suppliers reduces maintenance costs to our sleeves due to their longer service life.

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    Flexible Diameter Reduction

    For easier installations, our sleeves possess a flexible diameter of up to 6mm high and adjustable surface pressure.

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    48mm Nominal Diameter

    At this nominal diameter, our sleeves enable the optimum seal compression, helping cooling and heating systems.

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    Cross-section Over 360°

    The stainless steel material uniformly applies constant pressure applied all around the circumference of the sleeve.

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    360° Stepless Design

    Offering uniform compression and uniform surface pressure, our stepless design eliminates overlaps and leaks.

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    Minimum Space Requirement

    With its low assembled height, our sleeves maintain stability by ensuring balance on rotating parts.