PEX Clamps

With a PEX clamp tool, DONGBO PEX clamps can create a secure connection between PEX tubing and fittings. The clamp is designed to withstand corrosion and wearing, allowing for a long-lasting seal.

Features and Benefits

The construction and material we incorporate to our PEX clamps allow for a secure seal, high durability, and other qualities.

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    304 Stainless Steel

    All of our PEX clamps can withstand corrosion because of its 304 stainless steel construction, making them suitable for a wet environment.

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    Our PEX clamps have dimples that give the ring a spring quality to expand and contract to handle temperature and mechanical pressure.

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    360° Watertight Seal

    We design our PEX clamps to create a complete 360° leak-proof seal when enclosed around any hose and fitting.

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    Wide Applications

    The durability and anti-corrosion quality of our PEX clamps make them suitable for much more markets such as HVAC system.

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    Specially Formed Edges

    To prevent friction damage to the hose, our PEX clamps have null edges that do not cut into the rubber, plastic, or metal tube.

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    Easy Installation

    With a PEX crimp tool, anyone can easily seal hoses or tubing onto any fitting with our PEX clamp.