American Hose Clamps

Specifically designed to attach and seal hoses on fittings or inlets, our American Hose Clamps are perfect for any indoor or outdoor application. Top-quality stainless steel material allows high tolerance from environmental conditions like corrosion, weathering, radiation, extreme temperatures, and vibrations.

Features and Benefits

From high-class materials and manufacturing to compliance with industry standards, sourcing American Hose Clamps from us ensures better business and higher profits.

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    304 Stainless Steel

    Industry-grade 304 stainless steel provides excellent resistance to common steel problems like corrosion and rust.

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    Customizable design and features ensure the American Hose Clamps fit your market’s unique needs.

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    Corresponding Range

    Fully-adjustable clamping range from 11mm to 178 mm allows for versatile functionality and is adaptive to any situation.

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    SAEJ 1508 Compliant

    Strict adherence to SAE J1508 standards ensures product quality and competitiveness in the international market.

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    Wide Applications

    Durable material and design make American Hose Clamps work perfectly with automotive, and construction industries.

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    Easy Installation

    Easy-to-use design improves customer satisfaction and encourages future purchases.