PEX Expansion Rings

Our PEX expansion rings handle high load and speed industry applications. Over 20 automated molding machines produce reinforced PEX expansion rings at low cost to meet your deadlines and budget.

Features and Benefits

Easily mass-produced, our plastic bearings are made economically through a quality-assured manufacturing process. See how our bearings can help your markets.

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    Premium Material

    Combining various resins for greater reinforcement, our plastic material is lightweight, flexible and durable all at once.

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    High Performance

    Made for long-time use in any industry​, our PEX expansion rings are designed to handle heavy loads under extreme conditions.

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    Corrosion Resistance

    Working in wash-down applications and resisting chemicals ensures full performance in every condition from our PEX expansion ringss.

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    Customizing material, size and packaging allows our bushings to meet your specific industry needs.

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    Compact Design

    Space-saving one-piece compact design possesses maximum flow and is made easier to use.

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    Maintenance Free

    Tested for resistance to harsh substances, our PEX expansion rings are maintenance-free and reduce your long-term business costs.