Single Ear Clamps

DONGBO single ear clamp uses a dimple that tightly fastens the ring. Our clamps are versatile for automotive, electronic, beverage, and other industries because of its simple mechanism.

Features and Benefits

Through advanced engineering and quality materials, our single ear clamps have a reliable performance and lifespan that help you gain customer loyalty.

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    360° Stepless Design

    All of our single ear clamps are bulge and gap-free, ensuring a tight enclosure around any hose and fastening.

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    Specially Formed Edges

    We included burr-free edges around our single ear clamps to prevent any damage onto the hose or other tubing when the ring is fastened.

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    Clamp Ear

    The ears on our clamp allow for easy and secured sealing of the ring with minimum use of tools.

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    Narrow Band

    We incorporate a narrow design on the clamp to make it more efficient at sealing pressure than other similar rings.

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    304 Stainless Steel

    By utilizing 304 stainless steel, our single ear clamps are highly resistant against corrosion and wearing.

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    Lightweight Design

    We make our single ear clamps light by design to ensure they can securely attach to any hose and not damage them