Press Sleeve

DONGBO press sleeve enhance the movement of parts and engines for any application. Trusted suppliers provide materials that ensure great durability and strength to handle heavy loads.

Press Sleeves for Innovative Connections

Handling heavy loads and ensuring minimal noise, our sleeve bearings make engines and parts operate smoothly. Requiring little maintenance, our bushings offer resistance to corrosion and harsh conditions to reduce your business costs.

At an MOQ of 500 units, we provide discounts for large-volume orders. Custom options include material, size, logo, and packaging to sell your brand to wider markets.

Materials for Bushings and Sleeve Bearings

Gathering raw materials from trusted suppliers saves time and costs for producing bushings at large volumes. Aluminum provides a lighter weight and feel to make bushings easier to use. Stainless steel bearings offer corrosion and extreme temperature resistance while giving high strength to carry higher loads.

Features and Benefits of  Press Sleeves

Suppliers are long trusted to secure certified materials and maximize our time for molding and stringent mass production. Every sleeve bushing is tested to ensure they are maintenance-free and resistant to extreme conditions, reducing your business costs.

Customizing for your industry needs, we offer a variety of choices in materials, size, and thickness to optimize performance.