Single Ear Hose Clamps

DONGBO single ear hose clamp has a simple ear protrusion that allows fast compression to seal any hose and fitting. The durable and versatile construction of our clamps makes it highly in-demand among numerous businesses in different industries.

Features and Benefits

We utilize high-end manufacturing design and material to our single ear hose clamps that can meet the global standards for hose enclosures.

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    Specially Formed Edges

    To prevent any damages on the hose, we incorporate a special null edge around our single ear hose clamps.

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    Narrow Band

    We incorporate a narrow band with each of our single ear hose clamps to achieve a concentrated enclosure compression.

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    Pre-shaped Insert

    The pre-shaped insert of our single ear hose clamps allows for a tight and secure all-around seal for the tubing and fitting.

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    Quality Material

    DONGBO utilizes quality 304 stainless steel to make our single ear hose clamps resistant against corrosion, heat, and wear.

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    To accommodate certain specifications, we offer a comprehensive customization service to change the size, width, and other aspects of our single ear hose clamp.

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    Wide Applications

    The versatile function of our single ear hose clamps makes it suitable for piping systems across different industries.