Low-profile Clamps

DONGBO earless low-profile clamps make this easier to install onto hose and fittings. Without any ears, the clamps can also be reusable. Each low-profile clamp has a versatile function for various piping, water systems, and more.

Features and Benefits

We construct our low-profile clamps to have a reliable sealing performance and durability that businesses in different industries are looking for.

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    360° Stepless Design

    Our low-profile clamps are designed to create a 360° stepless seal that prevents any form of a leak from the hose and fitting.

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    We can customize your low-profile clamps to have a specific size, width, dimension, and other features that meet your customers’ requirements.

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    High Clamping Force

    With the load retaining hook, our low-profile clamp achieves a tight and secure enclosure around the hose and fitting.

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    We use 304 stainless steel to make our low-profile clamps resist corrosion, high-temperatures, and wearing.

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    Compact Design

    Each of our low-profile clamps is designed to fit any corners or nooks, making them suitable for specific water systems and more.

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    Wide Applications

    The intuitive design of our low-profile clamps makes it usable among businesses in agriculture, building, automotive, and other industries.