PEX Press Sleeves

Dongbo PEX press sleeves provide a secure and leakproof press connection for PEX tubing and press fittings. The view hole ensures a perfect connection every time.

Features and Benefits

See how our sleeves resist corrosion to carry heavy loads in any setting. 1/2'', 3/4'', 1'' for your option.

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    Quality Material

    Using high strength stainless steel from trusted suppliers reduces maintenance costs to our sleeves due to their longer service life.

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    Flexible Diameter Reduction

    For easier installations, our sleeves possess a flexible diameter high and adjustable surface pressure.

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    Nominal Size

    For nominal size 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, our sleeves enable the optimum seal compression, helping cooling and heating systems.

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    Cross-section Over 360°

    The stainless steel material uniformly applies constant pressure applied all around the circumference of the sleeve.

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    Minimum Space Requirement

    With its low assembled height, our sleeves maintain stability by ensuring balance on rotating parts.

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    Perfect View Hole

    The view hole ensures a perfect connection every time in any size of PEX system for reliable solution.