Double Ear Clamps

Offering a wider clamping surface, our double ear clamps are cost-effective and secure sealing solutions for holes of any size. Its screwless design makes the clamp ideal for smaller hoses, while the dual ears ensure a tight, lasting fitting that handles pressure, climate, and weather changes excellently.

Features and Benefits

Increase your profit with our highly-marketable double ear clamps. Masterfully made clamps with durable steel material and 360° burr-free edges.

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    360° Stepless Design

    Innovative 360° design provides a secure fit while reducing the risk of damage to clamped parts.

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    Specially Formed Edges

    Carefully-designed burr-free edges add security to hoses and keep pressure around the hose consistent.

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    Quality Material

    Quality 304 stainless steel used for manufacturing allows for high resilience to environmental hazards and temperature changes.

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    Increased Clamping Range

    Customizable dimensions make the double ear clamps work with hoses of varying sizes with ease.

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    Fast Installation

    Best installed with industrial pincers, double ear clamps offer easy and secure sealing for hoses.

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    Wide Applications

    Our double ear clamps are perfect for low-pressure hydraulic applications. as well as air, gas, steam, and fluid industrial lines.