How to make a PEX Cinch/Pinch Clamp connection in 4 easy steps

how to make a pex cinch pinch clamp connection in 4 easy steps 2

1) Tools and materials required:

Safety first - always wear appropriate eye protection gear.

02) Operation Instruction

Step 1

Cut PEX tubing square, leaving a clean, even edge. Remove burrs.

Step 2

Slip the stainless steel cinch clamps over the tubing, then slip tubing onto insert fitting.

Step 3

Use the crimping tool to close the clamp ear. The tool will auto release until the clamp is fully engaged.

Step 4

Pressure test the tubing and inspec before use. Repeat the total process if there is any leaks. There will be a slight gap after crimping. Some springback is normal.

03) Connection is complete

A typical example of a completed connection is shown below. Always inspect it visually to confirm that the fitting is fully inserted and clamp’s edge within the acceptable distance from the pipe’s end.

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