PEX Crimp vs. PEX Clamp Tool

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Anyone who works in a trade or who is experienced at tackling DIY projects knows the importance of using the right tool for the job. It is only by using the tools that are intended for that purpose that you will achieve professional results and minimize the likelihood of problems in the future. However, there are sometimes two different tools that serve the same or a similar purpose, so you must then decide which is best suited to your needs. That is the case with Pex crimp tools and Pex clamp tools. The following is an overview of the pros and cons of each so that you can decide which is the best option for you.

What Are Pex Crimp Tools and Pex Clamp Tools

Both Pex crimp tools and Pex clamp tools are tools that are used to seal the same type of fittings, they simply use a different method to do this. It is the different methods of sealing that confuses many people as to what the differences are between the two. A Pex crimp tool is used to crimp a crimp ring to create a seal by crimping the entire ring. Also known as a Pex cinch tool, the Pex cramp tool clamps the crimp ring in a different way. They only pinch the tab on the ring, rather than the whole body.

The Pros and Cons of Pex Crimp Tools

When there are similar products to choose between, it is important to compare the pros and cons. The pros and cons of using a crimp tool include:


• Seal- A Pex crimp tool can create a watertight seal by crimping the entire crimp ring.

• Sizes- You need the right size Pex crimp tool for the size of the pipe on which you are working. Pex crimp tools generally come with interchangeable jaws so that you can use the tool on all pipe sizes.

• Tool sizes available- Pex crimp tools come in a variety of sizes, and some are better than others for working in narrow spaces. There are plenty of options to find the best tool for the job.


• Materials- You can only use a Pex crimp tool on a copper crimp ring.

• Pressure- You usually need to use a lot of pressure to create the watertight seal with this tool, although this can vary from one model to the next.

The Pros and Cons of Pex Clamp Tools

There are also both pros and cons of Pex clamp tools. Some of the pros and cons of this type of tool include:


• Materials- Most are compatible with both stainless steel and copper.

• Pressure- Less force is needed to use a Pex clamp tool than a Pex crimp tool.

• Seal- A Pex clamp tool can create an equally good seal but does so by cinching only one part of the ring.

• Flexibility- A Pex clamp tool is more flexible than a Pex crimp tool as one tool fits all Pex pipe sizes.

• Easy removal- It is worth noting that it is easier to remove a crimp ring that has been sealed using a Pex clamp tool than one crimped with a Pex crimp tool because only one section has been clamped.

• Corrosion- Stainless steel clamps are preferable to copper rings as they are more resistant to corrosion, and you will need a clamp tool for these.

• Tight spaces- Pex clamp tools are often easier to maneuver in tight spaces, such as between two pipes.


• Component availability- The main downside of a Pex clamp tool is that compatible components and accessories are not as readily available as crimp rings and components.

Final Verdict

Both Pex crimp tools and Pex clamp tools are used for sealing fittings on Pex pipes, so they serve a similar purpose. However, there are some clear differences between the two. A Pex crimp tool is only for use with copper rings but crimps the entire crimp ring. A Pex clamp tool is compatible with both stainless steel and copper fittings and only cinches one section of a fitting. If your main concern is choosing a tool that can create a watertight seal, then both tools are equally good options. However, a Pex clamp tool is the more versatile option as they are one-size-fits-all and they are easier to manage in tight spots. Often, which is the best is a matter of personal preference.

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